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Jul 30 '14

An Open Letter To ‘Pretty Little Liars’ & Everyone Who Watches ‘Pretty Little Liars’


In light of last night’s episode, I’m sure most of you are expecting a bevy of Hanna/Zack annotations. You’ll probably get them, but they probably won’t be from me.

You see, when I stated watching the episode, I figured I’d be making quite a few annotations. However, while watching the episode and thinking about annotations, I could do nothing but become increasingly upset. I spent the rest of the night unable to watch anything else because of how angry I was, and no jokes about the situation where able to diffuse said anger. So instead of working on annotations, which I mentally blocked myself from physically doing, I decided to write this stream of consciousness.

Honestly, in the words of the late, great Owen Hart: “Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change.”

It’s not enough that this is the moment when the show decides the predatory nature of these adult male characters is finally a bad thing. This is a legitimate problem on this series. At this point, the only thing that will make Pretty Little Liars' sexual predator problem anything resembling “okay” is a flat out, direct statement of how wrong ALL of these relationships are. Now is no longer the time for subtlety or silence in exchange for fan pandering.

While the message of Zack’s advances of Hanna being wrong is commendable, where are the messages of a teacher (as well as a stalker) falling for his student being unacceptable? Where are the messages about a grown man, a professional in the medical field, being ~unable~ to resist a teenage girl (because he’s “old enough to know better and young enough not to care”). We constantly joke about the adult male/teenage girl situation in Pretty Little Liars (and teen dramas in general, because only a handful can even pull off the adult/teenager relationship), but that’s for the hope that something—anything—about it changes. Creating a monster out of an otherwise likable character (one who’s barely a character, which is what makes it acceptable?) by having him do the same thing a good portion of adult males on this show do (without punishment) is sending mixed signals. This is a show where we’re in constant fear that a male police officer (again, a person in a position of trust and power) will put the moves on a teenage girl even after he’s already turns down one’s advances. It’s a norm on this show… until it’s not, apparently.

Also in case no one’s skin has crawled enough since the episode in question, keep in mind that Zack didn’t just put the moves on Hanna. He did so knowing she was hammered and not in any way in control—he even calls it out himself.

After Nate replied to the pedophile message, we got a couple more messages saying something to the effect of us constantly calling Ezra a pedophile only making the word mean less by making it more acceptable in the lexicon. Believe me (and all of us here at Pretty Little Liars Annotations): None of us take the word pedophile lightly, and placing it on Ezra or Wren or Ian or Zack or [INSERT ROSEWOOD OR RAVENSWOOD ADULT MALE HERE] isn’t us trying to lessen the word. If anything, we are trying to make clear that what the men on this show are doing is, without a shadow of a doubt, wrong. They should be held up to the level of fear as A or Mona or Jenna. In fact, they should be held up to a level higher, because again, they are full-grown adults. Ezra, the youngest, is a manchild, but that still doesn’t make him a child.

The Great Gatsby may be the only book Rosewoodians read, but I’m thinking of another book when it comes to this situation: The Scarlet Letter. May the adult male creeps of this show’s universe wear a scarlet P (that we annotate onto them) for all to see.

What makes everything in this week’s episode so much worse though is the Liars’ reactions to Hanna’s reveal of this situation. Yes, Hanna has been going on a downward spiral (and while I can write another thousand words on how all of the Liars have responded to Ali’s resurgence, that’s not what this is) along with Caleb. None of that excuses Spencer, Emily, and Aria’s reactions to her. They certainly took classes at Slut-Shaming and Victim-Blaming 101 for this one. And the kicker is, Aria is a character that, all jokes aside, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say I hate. Yes, she’s a pretentious bird killer living in her own television show separate of Pretty Little Liars, but that’s amusing in its own right. Until last night’s episode, where I literally uttered the words “Fuck you, Aria” to my screen.

Zack is a grown man. Hanna is a teenager. They barely know him. They know, that for all of Hanna’s current problems right now, she would never “make up” something like this. HE IS A GROWN MAN. SHE IS A TEENAGER. This season of Pretty Little Liars is so bleak (intentionally, of course) that even with the deterioration of these girls’ friendships, this is something that shouldn’t be happening.

Then again, maybe if Hanna went on about how compatible she and Zack are, on a soul level, and how they put paper grocery bags on their head, Aria would apologize.

If this was solely to figure out a way to get rid of the Zack off the show, boy is it a way to do it. I wish  I could say with great confidence that this is the show finally addressing the predatory elephant in the room, but it’s not. The Ezras and Wrens of the show are still going to exist. They’re still going to be seen as viable love interests to these minors. At this point, while the bigger problem in my eyes that Zack is a man in his 30s, the bigger problem (based on the established show rules) is that he’s in a relationship with Ella’s mom. If infidelity trumps pedophilia or statutory or bastardization of societal norms or whatever the hell you want to call it, then I really am lost.

I know I’m not a writer for the show. I’d love to be one—it’s a dream job of mine—especially because I’d be curious to know the inner-workings of the writers’ mind when it comes to this facet of Pretty Little Liars. It’s a darker show than any one really gives it credit for, which is why I know complaining about an unexpectedly dark turn on the show is bound to fall on deaf ears. I just want to understand why this is the exception to the rules the show has built with regards to adult males. 

 - L

Jul 30 '14

in other news i’m pissed at oaks that the vicar was some random beardy one and not the black guy who was there when brendan did bible camp, he was my fave

Jul 30 '14

we all know i’m going to forgive hollyoaks and in a fortnight’s time i’ll be back to Number 1 Dancy Shipper

Jul 30 '14


but im still hurtin’ over misty tho


she ain’t deserve that shit man

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Jul 30 '14

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Jul 30 '14


Idk when this trend of finding obvious troll “sj” blogs came about but I hope it ends soon

Jul 30 '14

i got 35/40 on the birmingham quiz but fuck usvsth3m for getting the area code wrong

Jul 30 '14

Painter painting in our land pictures of only white angels
Painter painting in our time in shadows of yesterday

Painter, if you paint with love, paint me some black angels now
For all good blacks in heaven, painter show us that you care

Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros (1970 performance)

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Jul 30 '14


X FILES REWATCH: 3x12 War of the Coprophages 

This is no place for an entomologist.

Jul 30 '14

only good anime is hit british anime wallace and gromit

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Jul 30 '14

today I went to the bank and they were busy so I had to book an appointment to go back next tuesday but i stood in the queue for about ten minutes and i panicked for at least nine of those, but i got through it so today is officially a good day

still can’t do the doctors though lmao

Jul 30 '14
Jul 30 '14

i promised no more books but peter mandelson’s book for a fiver cos there’s a rip in the cover, really? waterstones should see my copy of peter pan

Jul 30 '14

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Jul 30 '14



I’m intrigued to know what constitutes “”“mild”“” rape.

I’m also intrigued to know how Richard Dawkins can convince himself that he’s not “endorsing” either of these things. If you choose to speak from a very privileged, very public platform about the nonsensical idea of ‘mild’ rape, then you are directly contributing to the rape culture we live in. 

I hate him so infinitely oh my god

could somebody please tell him that getting raped isn’t a competition for the sympathy of fuckbags

Dates and knives are both used as methods of making sure that the victim is completely fucking powerless. That is it. They are tools used by rapists to minimise resistance. They are not used to make victims comfortable and put them at ease for fuck’s sake

I mean what the fuck is the purpose of statements like this. Is the idea that date rapists should get shorter sentences for their kindness and generosity because they went to all the trouble of securing a date with the victim???

Does he just sit around imagining being raped??? Just a fun thought-experiment like “haha oh I wonder what it’s like to be raped in different ways lol” and then decide which one was worst???

Suddenly that specific rape is The Worst Kind Of Rape 100% Of The Time. I Know Because I Imagined It Happening To Me Once. This Makes Me The Expert